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For those who can do the huge difference.. It's about time to stop all acting of peeping and invading privacy, in all forms.
No Voyeurism.
No Spying.
Peeping and spying into the private life of a citizen, contradicts human rights.
I see it as antidemocratic act... And Discrimination.
Please do all that is in your power to prevent it.
Allow privacy & Freedom back into my life and forever... as it should be.
If you truly wish PEACE... Start with simple tasks as cleaning spy, and peepers....
Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush.
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Anonymous Guest

Henry David Potwin 07 May 2018

wow lady, you do it all! a very impressive portfolio. I will be back to see more in the future. unfortunately my on line time is limited.

Al Budarin 01 Jan 2018

Many of your pieces of Art You try to protray your feeling& you do that so we'll,We are now in a New year, Hopefully it brings the World Peace,Truth & Mostly Justice Wonderfully Done

Artist Reply: Al.. thank you for visiting.. It's the other way around.. I do my artworks inspired by many things.. I prefer to look the the BRIGHT SIDE OF LIFE.. Things sometimes need to be said in different issues, that unfortunately happening in virtual world.. or in life.. in this case only small part i Write and use my work, with.. a work that I choose for this purpose or another. There is much more that sometimes need to be said that I would not bother to do so.. I prefer to concentrate on things that do GOOD To my soul. I am com[completely sorry for those prevent privacy from me but also from others, in order to give some many people gifts.. and more. I ignore it most of the time. YET, I NEED MY PRIVACY BACK, For my life is not a movie.. and i get NOTHING For this taking advantage of my privacy. I need to work, and to get money for what I do... THere are many works that could and can be sold.. In this situation, when strangers, peeping on our life here, or reading my mails seeing my work or photos on my PC.. I Just can't. /// It can't go on like this. I am sorry that many people surely sign... in order to receive.. and i am so sorry, i was got involved without my knowledge, or without some people will get my permission to use my privacy. IT MUST BE STOPPED.. People, getting instructions of what to do, what to say, what to write or what to add.. it is a crime, AL.. That can't be ignored.. I am terribly sorry that those that could prevent the great damage, did not really... People all over the world including governments, and even the queen.. and even simple artists that I know so many years since 2004. There are people that can do something to start stopping this situation that hurt not only my life but others that need privacy, or need me.. Some need me, and cant send private mails anymore... Non of my friends was brave, even not my brothers, who know some facts that I should and said, NOTHING. There are solutions, and I think if some people are responsible, they should help. Alone.. I can not do a thing... Wishing you the very best and especially good health and no peepers around..

yves colas 30 Dec 2017

great work.nicely done.

Lior Art 29 Dec 2017


marie-claire gallet 29 Dec 2017

Really hope this bad situation will have soon an end, Nira ! Wish you a nice end of the year !!!!!!!