Happy New Year *2018*

Style: "Le Symbolisme Perspectiviste", thus cultural indications of principles given with each painting, image, to meditate.   Composition, extracts of paintings “Le Soleil“ (Indication: The luminosity illuminates the eyes of light.), “Le Monde“ (Indication: What is human is to the Cosmic, what the cosmic is to the Humanity.), and "Amoureux" (Indication: The Equilibrium is the Union through a Reunion), background colors “Empereur“, collection "The Major Arcana of the Tarot", reserved for cultural exposures, without sale, since 1981. Oil on canvas.  

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Anonymous Guest 18 Dec 2017

Gosto muito!!! Publiquei... obrigada!!!

Artist Reply: Obrigado e Boas Festas a Você, e a todos os visitantes.