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DREAMS.... Dream at night, Dream as a wish... That BIG Dream, I had in mind in past time.
Different parts With or without connection between.


Was it dream, that woke me up, the other night ? Middle of this week.
I woke up, that night with a picture of a person, I knew at the time, I was very young and promising designer.
A working place...Lights on and You alone on left side of the picture.... few words to me. QUITE SURPRISING, I had to admit, stunned, by the visitor of my dream.
What brought you into my night dream, after so many years... ? I asked myself.


Without direct connection of dreams
Long before internet.
It seems that a real dream wish I had in mind while working on a design in the beginning of my way in design,(1989) is becoming true and real... at least part of the dream...
After many years, being busy with life,the dream had been forgotten. Very rarely came to my thoughts.

In the far past of 1988 / 1989, believing much in myself, I saw my dream as a real possibility of life.
Certainly I imagined it come true in a completely different way, then it does nowadays.
I could never imagined it come true the way it does. I guess life forces, whether agreeing with it or not.It reached such a stage I can not argue with it. It become a fact... whether I like it or not.
A very important part of it, is still not seen... and seems as not exist.
Internet & life outcome.


Thanks for visiting. Happy safety ( a true wish ) Happy Hanukkah, Happy holidays. Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush , Colourful Magic.

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Anonymous Guest

Geoff Cooper 17 Dec 2017

Beautiful designs dear Nira, wishing you happy and peaceful dreams..

Marie josé LAURIER 16 Dec 2017


Joanie Holliday 15 Dec 2017


Al Budarin 15 Dec 2017

Amazingly Beautiful Nira,Yes we dream at Night,& we Dream in the Day.,At times it inspire us to change & Improve our Goals Sometimes Even impossible Dreams,We At times Really Challenge Ourselves We dream about the Future,Life Would be Hopelessly Dull if we Didn't Dream At times we Lay Peacefully Gently Drifting off Actually Wishing in Our dreams In your Dreams you Have Desires,You Have goals Your heart,mind& Soul,we at Times are in The clouds Hoping it Wasn't just a Dream A dream can be very Calming& at Other times Endless Nira,Wishing All your dreams come true Just Follow Your Dreams

José Fortunato 15 Dec 2017

Dreams come true, if we believe, that some day or night, all will come right! Great work Nira