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This image expresses just a little bit, my love and passion for colours.
My love for colours, can be viewed differently from one image to another image. (It does not show my moods, even if I decide to use moody colours )
The creativity with different combinations of colours, is endless to me, in endless variations... It come from the inside.
I named my studio : Colourful Magic, ( 2002) using the Spectrum Colours for the letters.
My first studio/gallery name was Spectrum (1990).
Above my studio, natural Spectrums can be found naturally.
I would like to clarify a subject, using the Rainbow colours in the name of my studio- "Colourful Magic", does not mean or hint of belonging to any "COMMUNITY"... and there is no connection what so ever.
I believe every one has the right for his/her own preference in choosing colours, or combinations as well, and naturally.
By the way, I am a proud person, like some Leos are, and again not belong to any community... Being completely straight.
I wrote once, when I started my own web- site in 2002/3 :
"Colours is what I am, and artistic creation is a source of LIFE for me
My ART creation is my ultimate breath of fresh air."....
As an artist, I am proud to love colours, and select them each time diffrently Thanks for visiting...
Enjoy the colours, YOU LOVE BEST, No matter your preferences.
Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush. .
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Anonymous Guest

Geoff Cooper 22 Jun 2017

Agree with Thom, beautiful and coloutful, like you !!

Artist Reply: Thanks Geoff... Greetings.

Thom Roslan 18 Jun 2017

That's You alright Niri............Beautiful & Colorful ! ! !

Artist Reply: Thank you dear Thomi.... Hope things are well. Do you know if those responsibble to create peeping here has the intention to finish with it.. And give our privacy back.???

Vernonette Gaddy 17 Jun 2017

Captivating and brilliantly detailed art composition Nira. :)

Barry Huyett 17 Jun 2017

Very Lovely.......

Joanie Holliday 17 Jun 2017