Prayer DreamWarden

Every day of my life I devote hours to advocating issues currently facing wolves in the wild and in sanctuaries all around the world. I help as a sounding board and source of information on all kinds of issues and everything that goes into that; also went into this piece. :star:DO NOT TAKE:star:DO NOT REUSE:star:DO NOT COPY:star: "Unauthorized use or redistribution of artwork or photography as well as copying, tracing, altering, or heavily referencing without permission is considered art theft. You and/or your guardians can be sued for plagiarism and/or copyright infringement. Do not assume that little changes will make it all yours and that you will not be held responsible. Re-using the exact piece as-is, such as for online role-playing, even if you do not claim it is your own, is unlawful redistribution. ALWAYS ASK THE ARTIST."

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