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So What's Next ?
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Anonymous Guest

Geoff Cooper 06 Mar 2017

Makes you think !!

marie-claire gallet 06 Mar 2017

No one knows !!!

Thom Roslan 06 Mar 2017

Now your thinking like me ! ! ! Very Aulteristic (sp)

Artist Reply: Thomi... The idea, came from what my eYeS see for quite some time, the question, is very likely to be asked, not once, considered of a certain situation.. So, the thinking of yours... which part, the frames or the question, or both, dear friend... This would be part of a series... I post another some time ago, to deal with a question, that occur on my mind... Things are not as was in the past, once we could write more to one another... and explain some more, sorry for this change. The next image, is as if continuation to the first question.. I hope things are well your way, and you feel free enough to write to yours. Kind regards.

Joanie Holliday 05 Mar 2017