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I was once amused by some of my dreams, .... and then curious, if it really had meaning.
I was once fascinated by the subject of dreams, Yes it was many years ago.
I thought in the past, I had to learn this subject... and later researched some of my dreams for answers.
I knew, I could ask myself to dream, and then dream.
I had many dreams, and some I remembered, others, I used to write for a while.
Later in my life, I ask myself to no longer dream.
I understood that some of my dreams, I forgot, whether dreams at night, or DREAMS, I wished to fulfill.
I posted once :" I HAD A DREAM"... And felt I did not wish to dream no more.
So many things changed, and so did I .
AND... Then... A NEW DREAM arrived, That I could and could not really dream, but dreamed, it anyway... that night, just few nights ago.
Oh I was surprised.... No i did not expect to have this dream, and I know so well what it means.
Part of my dreams series.
Colours or shapes, has no connection what so ever to the subject of my dream, so please don't try to guess, you would never.
I could not guess it myself....
Thanks for visiting.

Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush.
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Anonymous Guest


Wow,soooo Gorgeous and creative digital art,my Friend!!!Great digital work!!! A Fav!!!Hope all Your Good Dreams come true in 2017!!!Wishing You and Your Beautiful Family a Beautiful Peaceful Day!!!Hugs....Dee&David

Thom Roslan 27 Dec 2016

Great Title..........Perfect for the holidays.........Very Dramatic Color Balance Niri.......All arounf EXCELLENT ! ! ! Happy New Year !

Vernonette Gaddy 27 Dec 2016

Brilliantly created visionary art- very interesting Nira. :)

Pamela Rivera 26 Dec 2016

Beautiful rich colors Nira :)

Fran Lafferty 26 Dec 2016

Looks like you have a remarkable relationship with dreams, as well as with the canvas. This is beautiful, love the brilliant blues & purples! :D