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Mr Murphy

Ken Murphy friend and fellow musician

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Sharon De Vore 27 Oct 2016


Artist Reply: Thank you so much its been a struggle relearn what I was taught years ago, I resumed painting about 5 years ago after a 37 year absence.
Artist Reply: I tried to work in the industry as an artist, My teacher warned me that it is easy to get burned out , said a lot of peopel will come back to art later on in years nothing wrong with that it took a life experience to come back to painting, i am a diabetic it almost took my life, i remembered that conversation, also i didnt want to fill sorry for myself. I remembered how i started painting, I was a young man playing music, my mother said try art in college I bloomed, so I came back from the hospital picked up one of my guitars, remembered this is how i start to paint pick up brush did a quick watercolor the rest is here on this website.