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Everything is Not Black and White.

People debate what is right and wrong.This is a reminder that there is shades of grey and colour to debates that the red is the excitement of conflict.


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Vernonette Gaddy 16 Oct 2016

Very impressive abstract art- reminds me of flying aircraft shows. :)

Artist Reply: Thats one of the things I really like about abstract more than other art, people tend to make their own unique connections other than how the artist connected with it. Also when you are in a different mood how you see it can change so much over time. Thank you Vernonette.

Renata Cavanaugh 15 Oct 2016

Lovely artwork ROZ

Artist Reply: Thank you Renata, for looking and commenting Its good to hear from you.

Sara Deutsch 15 Oct 2016

Really interesting and different. Collage?

Artist Reply: I took this design from the program Adobe Photoshop into Corel Draw and used the depth lofter in that one to make it look 3 Dimensional. I thought it looked like raised metal sort of. I know the image is small so it may be hard to see. It is all digital. Collage? not in a real life way like using fabric and glass and paper.