Crystal Willow - Wire Tree Sculpture, with glass b

Crystal Willow - Wire Tree Sculpture, with glass beads 9"wide x 10"high x 10"deep. The tree is created using 18 & 26 solid copper wire. The branches and twigs contain hundreds of clear tiny solid glass fringe beads. Each glass bead is interwoven into the wire giving the structure of the tree a very exotic look. The tree is "planted" in a 7" round solid aluminum base. All is bound together using a sand and pebble mixture. The mixture is painted in greens, yellows and whites, using India ink, and looks like moss covered earth. When this sculpture is displayed in direct sunlight, or very bright lights, it is ablaze with many colors as it reflects all the colors of the root mound, the copper wire and the aluminum base. #113-9 $375.00

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