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(updated from a former layout)-- I wonder what Mary Magdalene's face looked like when Jesus said ~it is finished~ from the cross. Both Marys (including Jesus' mom) saw those gruesome crucifixion details up close while they happened in front of them. Because words mean things...what did Jesus actually mean by saying that “it” is finished? Did Mary (Magdalene) think only about a lost life and ministry if she actually heard him say it? Nevertheless, she actually saw this significant (and historic) chapter ending – and in 3 days from this moment she would be the very first to see the beginning of the next chapter. If this was the ending of a TV movie instead of a Bible-history moment, the bottom of the screen would say ~to be continued~

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Anonymous Guest 19 Jun 2016

yo82;u&17#re lucky man i had to get my hard drive replaced TWICE and they still didn’t give me a new computer -.- i have apple care to top it off -__- good video though