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Leaf Scorpion

This fella is a 'Leaf Scorpionfish'. I'll spare you the latin name. It is relatively rare and seldom seen let alone photographed to any extent. Its MO is rather unusual as its disquise is that of a leaf. Its body sways and undulates like a submerged leaf underwater. Note the transluscence of its body near the tail where you can see the backbone and slender ribs. 120' Loloata Island, PNG. Fish Portrait Series.

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Anonymous Guest

Loredana 17 Apr 2006

He is something else huh WoW very cool :)

Gary Glass 01 Jan 2005

wonderful and interesting image Rick

Joke Schotting 01 Jan 2005

Beautiful image Rick.

stan jones 29 Nov 2004

i have seen these fish on the deck of a boat but never in the sea well done Rick

teresa greene 28 Nov 2004

Wow awesome!