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Red Soft Coral

This is a large stalk or 'colony ' of soft coral. Each of the little star or hand-like appendages is an individual living organism. These animals are not reef building corals, but rather live on the reefs built by their cousins. The stalk that these creatures live on is actually .... soft ..... to the touch. Depth = 75' +/- Location: Kavieng, New Ireland Province, PNG.

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Anonymous Guest

Loredana 17 Apr 2006

Absolutely beautiful :)

Karen Corcoran 27 Nov 2004

Outstanding Shot!

Clare Rowley-Greene 27 Nov 2004

Incredible shot....

teresa greene 27 Nov 2004

Beautiful stars on a stalk! Very magical looking!

Tabitha Borges 27 Nov 2004

Wow1 Love the details and the blackout...