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Textile designs for Woolen fabrics, were made from an original piece of Fine Art, I made few
years back. The Original piece took 2.5 month to create. It was made of wool fibers...
AND, It was exhibited at an international exhibition.
Original photo of myself was taken: Nov, 27, 10.
For this photo-montage, I used today 3 designs.
Some are lucky enough to create their own designs.
Some are lucky enough to create designs wore by others.
Some designers are lucky enough to sell their design and earn a living.
Some designers are lucky enough to wear their own designs...Whether really or virtually.
Some of you, had the privilege to wear my designs. Some of you maybe still remember this.
Surely I created this for myself... LIFE PROOF THIS.
Lucky... ?... How long did it take to reach this kind of level in design work.
How many are taking just right now the inspiration... ?
Influencing... Am I ...??
Will you give something in return.. ?
Thanks for visiting.
I vote for safety in all my doings...
Safety can bring real customers... Isn't it ?
Without safety, can I really sell and make this real ??
For some internet brought many customers for some it took them away, by bringing spies, or imitators.
"Food for your thoughts "..

INTERNET CAN MAKE MIRACLES... But can take them away as well.
Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush.
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Anonymous Guest

Eddy collins 06 Apr 2016

very nice


Wow,Nira GORGEOUS and Spectacular Beauty You have created with Your BRILLIANT Talent with design work!You,look Beautiful my Friend with Your Great Fashion! I remember seeing photos of David&Me with Your,Gorgeous Design work in Your Portfolio here at AW...Great privilege and honour to wear your Gorgeous Stunning Signature Artistry,my Dear Friend!HUGS... Dee

John Cappello 22 Mar 2016

This has Marvelous creativity & pleasing colors

Thomas Curry 22 Mar 2016

outstanding, creative genius !

Maria Anna Machado 21 Mar 2016