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During 13 years, I am paying for my web - site, which is located at YAHOO, Small Business... During the years, Yahoo has much more customers, I can guess and the services had been changed.
My Yahoo first was at geocities where I received the best services and very fast... later yahoo did their changes, and my site was hosted at yahoo web hosting.
NOW... It seems Yahoo, is Yahoo.... but they have another name, AABACO....
Even if I am paying 13 years every month actually, I can't reach any of the services to my site, including costumer care... Most of the services are automatic, I guess.
If there is any problem of a payment I would expect Yahoo, to mail me. Yet it seems even to the billing part of my services they can't logged me in.
Dear Yahoo, if you do changes, after all these years working hard at times on my BIG Site, I would expect you to find the right solutions to show my site automatically/ IT SHOULD BE YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to your customer, even if i am small. After all you changed only the name, as you wrote once by mail to all your customers.
I maybe one / 300000765555 users of Yahoo..... But still on YAHOO.
Perhaps yahoo, should bring more people to work for the customers... NOT ALL CAN BE DONE AUTOMATICALLY Just a suggestion.
My next post, is an image, which is part of my home page, in my web site

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Anonymous Guest

Geoff Cooper 03 Mar 2016

Good luck getting it back Nira