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"The Real Maid Marion," c.2016, is a pen/ink piece created on 11.5" x 15" Strathmore watercolor paper. It depicts one of my favorite characters in the "Robin Hood" legend...Maid Marion. In my own mind, I imagine her to be witty, beautiful and an excellent shot with a bow and arrow. In this piece, you see her prepared to fight off the evil powers trying to invade Faeryland. Maid Marion stands her ground in front of the famous, "Faery Bridge," located in the U.K. The King and queen of Faeryland live in the castle on the mountain behind the bridge. Robin hood is to arrive with his men to back up Maid Marion's request to help protect Faeryland from an imminent attack by the menacing Sherriff of Nottingham and his men,...seeking monies, jewels and faery magic!

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