Neon Jungle

I think Neon Jungle perfectly describes this piece. It is a "jungle" of neon colors; wild brush strokes of vibrant purple, pink, orange and silver acrylic paint, then some strokes going in the opposite direction. This artwork represents the artist's wild, untamed imagination that can't be captured; it must remain free. I painted the sides of the stretched canvas, so a frame isn't necessary. Neon Jungle will add a "pop" of color to your wall!


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Vincent Savage 28 Jan 2016

This is a lovely piece, Connie...vigorous and full of energy. I do like the colour combination, have you tried anything similar with a different palette ?

Artist Reply: Thanks, Vincent. What a nice comment! I'm glad you like it. I haven't tried anything similar to Neon Jungle in different colors, but I think that will be my next painting! Great suggestion! Thanks again.

Maria Anna Machado 15 Jan 2016