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Egypt's Bast

As Egypt Goddes Ubaste
she changed in the old time,
from Lioness to Cat Goddes,

She was the fiercest huntress
of ancient Africa,
protected then the Pharao
as flame and eye of Ra.

Domestic cats appeared
as sacred animal,
she danced away the evil,
diseases from the hell.

As seen in alabaster
which might explain her name,
she sits beside the throne,
there ever to remain.


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Anonymous Guest

L.A. Spilsbury 30 Oct 2018

very pretty piece-exotic

Angelina Whittaker Cook 02 Nov 2015

A fascinating picture Ben! As far as Egyptian dancing goes a humerous example is an old musichall act 'Wilson Kepple and Betty' you should find it on Utube it is funny!

Artist Reply: Thank you Angelina, I looked at you tube. Real humerous pictures. Great done for that time!

Sharon De Vore 02 Nov 2015


Artist Reply: Thank you my dear friend ;)

marie-claire gallet 02 Nov 2015

Fascinating Egyptian dance, Ben !!! I have always been mesmerized by the way ancient Egyptians represented the cats !!!

Artist Reply: Thank you Marie-Claire. When you see that in my youth I had no interest anymore in History.I liked it very much, but because of the (wrong) teaching, it was most dates to pump into my mind and I hang off. When I left school my first job was that I got to a function to repair these treasures in our town Library. There is a lot to learn from the history and culture, in which I often search. Egypt and Tutan Chamon, the how and why interested me all my live. A month ago I looked at a movie of Tut and it explained to me why he was buried in a sober grave. Typical is in there the priest who ruled more then the King. The treason. From there we see the underworld rising to the upperworld and suddenly addressed as God or Goddes.

Catherine Sandell 02 Nov 2015

Beautiful image

Artist Reply: Thank you very much for your comment Catherine.