Bear Alert!

C2015 So have you ever been sitting with a friend in a restaurant and out of nowhere a grizzly bear comes from around the corner growling for something to eat,...and he's looking straight at your friend with two big hungry eyes? Well,...I did,...and I had the good sense to snap off a picture! Then we froze,...put our heads down on the table and played dead. It must have worked because when we lifted our heads and opened our eyes three hours later,...the grizzly was gone! What a harrowing experience! Or,. .so we thought. The grizzly turned out to be my 6'3" nephew in a Hollywood quality bearsuit pulling an early Halloween trick on us so he and his friends could get a laugh! Or,...this picture is the trick,...or I hope a treat for everyone! An early Happy Halloween! :0)

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Charles Jones 06 Nov 2015

Good one, Gregg! Nicely staged too. Hope you are doing great. :)

Artist Reply: Thanks, God bless you too.