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"The Snargelly Monster," c.2003, is a children's book illustration of the main character in my book entitled, "The Snargelly Monster," c.2002, about the main character, "The Snargelly Monster." It's a book for all parents who have little babies crying in the night, or day, in an uncontrollable manner, which wakes up the whole neighborhood to see what this creature looks like. This acrylic painting was created on an 8" x 10" canvas. The rhymes and pictures will be fun to read to your children and bring a smile to your face.


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Natalie Eckman 14 Aug 2015

This is so cute and enchanting :)

Artist Reply: Well thank you so much for your feedback Natalie! This may end up starting out as an e-book, but it is written and illustrated. Thank you so much She is kind of cute, isn't she? That's what our baby sounded like when she would cry,...a little green dragon that only mommy and I could go into her room and rescue her from her cradle. I wrote this story for her, but with grandchildren now, we hear the baby's cry on occasion. I guess I have a case of, "Post Traumatic Baby Syndrome." LOL XXX Your art colleague and fan, Mark

Charles Jones 14 Aug 2015

Been there, done that, Mark, as far as babies are concerned. Nice work and great title. :)

Artist Reply: Yeah! It has come to me in two small, lovely and wonderful grandchildren. Our granddaughter just turned one, so we are getting another dose of this experience with them when we babysit and have the family over to eat. Thanks for the compliment and I hope to soon publish this book I wrote and illustrated! Mark :)