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From my series "Internet Era"
Being a member of this site since Aug, 2004, and a paying member in the last more then 1o years... I see and saw, how things changed.
The upper image represent in my mind AW, as it is today... Partly communication.
The image below represent for me more of how AW was in the past... full of happening... full communication, and felt as safe usually.
And I would ask... why AW, Become such slow site lately... I wonder, why each comment I give, i have to click at least 3 times, instead of 1 time...
Why can't I reply if, once you designed AW, for replies, from the site, or from the mails... No way to do it nowadays..

Can we send AW mail... ??
Why artwatch is not coming... or the other AW report... (?)

Yes, i still remember sometimes similar complains like these coming from other members... that usually arranged perfectly in just 2-5 days...

SO.. Why does it take months to arrange it now... if at all.... Does someone in AW do care for this situation, or is it the NEW Method here....
Obviously it's not in my hands, nor in any of us members of this site... But, there are people who supposed to work for this site... The staff ??? and the owner
I still remember that "BIG CHANGE" You made AW, in 2008... Did it bring more people, or took most of the best of the people away from this site...
I don't wait anymore for the "chosen background" that you promised to bring back in Aug 2008.....

But then... What is internet ???
Once was safer.... not any more...
With the years supposed to improve... Is it really ???
Perhaps the interests of AW changed...

My life in internet taught me not to wait... to continue... After all we are on our own...
GOOD LUCK AW, We live in 2015...
See you in InterSAFE
Thanks for visiting.
Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush.

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Anonymous Guest

LAURIER Marie josé 30 Jun 2015

love the designs and i agree with you too.

John Cappello 29 Jun 2015

An Electrifying Statement Sure to Stagger the Imaginations of All us members viewing. Top Notch Dialogue Nira loaded with the Tensions We all feel . If I were to make A picture it would show Criminals About to get Arrested or Death Row!

Pamela Rivera 29 Jun 2015

what fun designs :)

Angel Estevez 29 Jun 2015

Superbe design Nira! I agree. completely with you. The Artwanted administrators rather than improving the site, they get worse. ONE REAL MESS! UNFORTUNATE! ):):):

marie-claire gallet 29 Jun 2015

Yes, we have known really better days on AW and it is sad that we cannot communicate as before! I shall keep here however as long as I can!!! Thank you for sharing your ideas and your wonderful colorful creation, Nira !!!!