Lord Commander ( Jon Snow)

11 x 14 ,Graphite pencil , 2015 Lord Commander Lord Jon Snow " Jon Snow (Actor Christopher Catesby "Kit" Harington ) one of my favorite male characters from the series Game of Thrones Character/story copyrighted to author George R.R. Martin. This is is my second drawing of jon snow My Other Game of Thrones drawings on my website http://www.katerinaart.com

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X-Chel 09 May 2017

"You know nothing, Jon Snow!"...to quote a certain wildling with red hair (now deceased)! On the other hand; you/the artist know(s) quite a deal about artistry, as is evident in this excellent portrayal of the iconic GOT-character!

Roz Eve 19 Jun 2016

Exquisite work of art. You have beautiful ingredients/categories of texture, light to dark, 3 dimensional shadowing, containment, detail and mood, according to my book " The Art Advantage." Bravo!

Victoria Kotnik 25 Jun 2015

Amazing likeness! RIP Jon Snow.

Charles Jones 13 May 2015

I think we can safely say that you have the pencil down flat, Katerina. :) Have yet to delve into this series, though my son likes it. Popular culture is usually a more interesting study AFTER the fact, IMHO. ;) Great work!

John Cappello 09 May 2015

A Wonderful Graphite pencil work!