Eldar Dire Avengers

Okay... so this is my second miniature painting or should I say my first FIRST miniature (because the previous one was a tank so not that mini). It was a bit tricky and eldars sure love their gems! D: Learned a bit from here that I will improve in my next painting but I hope you like it. Any comments? Please do tell. for other angles, please click >>>>> http://elisewongphoto.blogspot.com/2015/04/dire-avenger.html

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Tim Linville 06 Apr 2015

There's Not Much You Can't Do.Nice Finish!I Used to Build and Paint My Own,But Characters and Battle Equipment Have Changed.I Don't Think ww2 Planes Could Match These Guys :)

Artist Reply: Oh, you're too kind, Tim :) I think ww2 planes and battle equipment also really cool due to their historic relevance. If you do ever return to your miniature painting. I would like to see them. These guys are sci-fi creatures from the game, Warhammer 40k. I guess in a way, sci fi always had a little upperhand due to it's vast imagination :P