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I would like to ask all of the millions that have read the brilliant book The Da Vinci Code and have seen the film with Tom Hanks in the lead role - Has it changed your lives for the better? In his book page 500/6 Brown asserts that: “Temple is code for 'body.' Heaven is code for 'mind.' Jacob's ladder is your spine. And manna is this rare brain secretion.” Did these lines ‘awaken you’ to learn more? Or have you, as I suspect, ‘drifted off’ to wait for another ‘thriller’ to appear? As with most books within this genre, you are left with hole in your soul. Basically, after reading these kinds of books that contain impression of truths, you will have very little understanding of how to reach and talk to God. R.J.J. Atkin reveals this ancient wisdom in a way that the soul can recognize these truths. He explains that the proper interpretation for the spine is ‘The River Jordan’ and in order to interpret Jacob’s ladder clearly you will need to bring in the 7 chakras which are attached to the spine. For more, read The Green Side of God before he was shot in the head.

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Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest 28 Feb 2015

Wow!!! Wonderful, enlightening and truly inspiring! Amazing insight and brilliant explanation of a topic very close to my heart! Thank you!!!

Artist Reply: Thank you Anon