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[Jeffrey M. Smith, Founder, Institute for Responsible Technology] The overwhelming consensus among the scientists working at the FDA were not only that GMOs were different, but that they were dangerous. They could lead to allergies, toxins, new diseases, and nutritional problems, they said over and over in their memos. They urged their superiors to require long term studies, but were ignored. Why? The person in charge of policy at the FDA was Michael Taylor, Monsanto's former attorney, later, Monsanto's Vice-President, now back at the FDA as U.S. food safety czar. ...................................... "People will have Roundup Ready Soya whether they like it or not." - Ann Foster, spokesperson for Monsanto in Britian

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Anonymous Guest 30 Jan 2015

Wow! What an impact this had on me Ron - real food for thought! Thank you

Artist Reply: If your comment was read by Obama we 'might' get an opportunity of GMOs being banned.