Love in All Colors

A picture of Black and White (Rainbow) together. Yes this is Black's very loosely defined and very rare seen Astrian form. Rarely seen because well, Black is the absence of color and since he is the COLOR black its very hard for him to form (trying to make something out of nothing). This is why he has all the smoke, trying to stay solid. It's a little easier for him when Rainbow is around because the energy is concentrated around her (why her dress is glowing). Because of this Black doesn't really consider himself an Astrian, since he was just there before the first astrian was ever created (in the beginning there was darkness). Anyway I wanted to draw a loving picture of the two of them, in one of the rare cases they get to spend a little time together. This picture took me forever to do! The dress made my eyes cross and I still don't like the smoke lol. I just love the way rainbow colors glow so beautifully ^^ Also I haven't figured out where they are at...its not Elia, or one of the Spectrums... I'm thinking it might be Clandestine or some secret place only Black and White can get to... not sure yet. Art & Characters (c) 2014 A.S. Reaves

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