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A year has passed and we’re refreshing,
to what the New Year has to bring.
Fresh and shine we started all over,
but already there’s happening something.

“We are Charlie”, all are crying!
Death is the sounds around the world.
9/11 we have not forgotten,
But what have these people only learned?

No one calls them as “believers”!
This is not what Allah’s told!
To insanity these people listen,
but what can we do, that they are hold?

Just like Europe rise your voices!
Let them hear we don’t agree!
Should as loud against this terror!
Tell them God means only Peace!


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Anonymous Guest

Nira Dabush 31 Jan 2015

Cute and wonderful work, my friend. May 2015 will bring out the internet truth... reliably friendships with real caring for one another. Let there be peace all over the world this year and always.

Artist Reply: Thank you for your nice comment my dear Nira. I don't know what is going to happen on the15th of May and maybe you could wright to me about that, so I can understand ;)

Sharon De Vore 12 Jan 2015


Artist Reply: Thank you very much Sharon ;)

Françoise Dénéréaz 12 Jan 2015

Wow, very beautiful colors and great pose, love the expression too !! I appreciate your words a lot they are so true. Splendid work, Ben !!!

Artist Reply: Thank you Françoise. Yes words Always accompany my thoughts and vision to something inside this world, that somehow keeps me busy.

marie-claire gallet 12 Jan 2015

Yes, some days before we were wishing all the best and peaceful days to everybody, and it happened.Thank you for your true words, Ben!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much Marie_Claire. I think wishing is a Utopia for this world, because we are living in a world that just takes profit on other people. I can imagine how people fear at this moment where cells break open and a life is one or the other way useless. On the other hand our world is a community, where when our neighbour has a new car the other follows. This way young people who lost their hope in a better world use religion (where they don't go to listen) as their goal to reach that status of beeing someone. I wonder when you would ask such person why, besides the religion he would do this, the answer will be...

LAURIER Marie josé 11 Jan 2015


Artist Reply: Thank you very much for the comment to my work.