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2 images.
Coming... Going... Disappearing into nothing, actually... So virtual... The pace, the frequency is changeable... More, or less.
Virtual sometimes can mean so real, but sometimes as none.
There is much spiritualism in real life & the virtual world... Not at all "places".. YET in some places for sure.
Sometimes the spirit can be so strong and sometimes, can't be felt and not exist really.
Some artists are spiritual, not all I guess.
For the spirit that come sometimes from virtual world into real life.
Enjoy the day!
Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush.

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Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest 19 Feb 2018

Half lthe time I’m anonymous. Lol. Anyway. I love the one with the multicolored streaks of color. So very beautifulo.. very pleasing to see.. ‘feels good’... lol. Louann K

Elizabeth Lindberg 04 Jan 2015

Very beautiful images Nira!!!!!!!!!!!

Les Jobes 02 Jan 2015

Very lovely, and so much like the 'spirits' that I envision exist out-there! In the rainbows we see created by sunlight through a window or in a water fountain mist on a hot day.. Beautiful images!! You have a beautiful spirit dear Nira :o) Happy creating...

John Cappello 01 Jan 2015

Such a soft pleasant looking Festive Rainbow colors. So Very beautiful and Attractively Detailed . Wishing the Best Happy New Years of All for this 2015 for You and your family Dear Nira!

Geoff Cooper 01 Jan 2015

Brilliant creations Nira...