Mary 'Xmas and happy 2015

Legenda of the card – crib 2014, year of the Seahorse yang – (clockwise from left): 1) ”Intimacy” cm 26x9,5 acrylic and paste on a piece of wood – rescued from the shed – that was used in the Nineties for colour proof, 2) “Selfportrait at 60” cm 14,5x14,5 acrylic and paste on disposable textile coupled with cardboard, 3) “Lorenzo a due anni” cm 14,5x8 acrylic on wood, 3) paper boat in “Sherena Velella artistbook 1r”, detail of a reliquary of a velella velella in “Sherena Velella 1”, 4) “Dario Brunori s as Babbo Natale 2014” activity puppet sheet, 5) Atlas from the center of Mediterraneo, ATCards and title from “Sherena Velella book 1”. In recent months it was nice to think over the latest things experienced here and there. It enriched my imaginary and urged me to create new stories with scraps, tickets, calendars collected along the art&life way. Among other things, four artist books were handmade and many words were written in ultramarine ink with a nib shaped as the Eiffel Tower. Multimedia attachments like "Sounds and memories around the Mediterraneo" and other more or less ir-relevant videos completed the artist books. Then, I wanted to return to my first love, that was/is painting. "Selfportrait at 60" on a rectangle of nonwoven fabric (I like very much the dotted texture of the material) came out: I had already made it as a collage but acrylics and pastes are more involving and unpredictable! Then I rescued from the shed some wood that I had used in the Nineties for color tests. These were turned into portraits emerging from the turquoise of the sea. Veering towards Christmas time, I am ending the year with a Santa Claus puppet to dress!

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