A Dreamy Spring Trifle


Anonymous Guest

Anne Whiteway 13 Jan 2015

Bruce, this is so beautiful. I love the look of the spontaneous strokes. The whole composition is very appealing. Love the colors!

Artist Reply: Thank you as ever for your kind comment, Anne. I don't know where or when or sometimes even who -- now let's no longer have joking, perhaps. Anyway, not so long past my bedtime. I may get some things straightened out among us all before the coming April Fooling time I've heard something about; maybe not. Maybe no more "etc's"!!! Peace, Bruce

Anneke Hut 16 Dec 2014

Yes, we can use a smile of spring on these dark December days. :) I see a fiery white horse in the sky. It's very beautiful, Bruce,

John Cappello 14 Dec 2014

A Wonderful artwork and very interesting to view!

Artist Reply: Thank you for your always classical as well as classy style, whether deserved or not! Peace, etc., Bruce

Maria Anna Machado 13 Dec 2014

very beautiful ... i like...