What Have We Done To The Sea?


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Anne Whiteway 10 Jan 2015

Bruce, this is gorgeous and very dramatic. YOU are so very talented. Thank you for your call. That was so nice!!

John Cappello 12 Dec 2014

Absolutely Love this place

Maria Anna Machado 12 Dec 2014

fantastic colors...

Artist Reply: Thanks for your words, Maria Anna -- an artist whose magnificent paintings really demonstrate proof of her visions, abilities, and understanding of colors -- and lots of other aspects, too. Peace, etc., Bruce

marie-claire gallet 12 Dec 2014

I agree with Anneke!!!! Colors are so beautiful!!!

Artist Reply: And I agree with both of you and Maria, too. I wanta share a secret with only you guys. A lot of the "texture" of this painting results from using a big piece of cardboard that had suffered a night in rain. I stopped someone from trashing it, and it got torn unevenly trying to stop him. And then I wanted it more and more because I KNEW somehow that it was perfect to paint on -- having not even a slight idea of what. But a growing feeling reassured me over several days as I sat a lot watching it dry. You can guess from here. Peace, etc., Bruce. PS. And be sure not to tell anyone!

Anneke Hut 12 Dec 2014

Bruce, it looks so beautiful, it's a pity that the picture is so small, that we can't see textures. I do love the composition and colours!

Artist Reply: See your inclusion in comments immediately above! That will have to suffice, and I think that it should well-befit the no-space-wasted details of your comment. Thank you very much, Anneke. Peace, etc., Bruce