Aboard The Midnight Train

Do you know that when you sleep, the brain is, in reality, very much active. Also, the logic part of the brain switches off, making anything possible during sleep. I managed to pay attention a little in my dreams and notice things don't remain constant for very long. I dreamt once, I was driving a car under a fly over and nearby a traffic light, I knocked into a car in front of me and out came a woman. When the traffic light turned green, I realised I was pushing a shopping cart in the middle of the same road and I don't think the woman was there anymore. I used to have a lot of bad dreams when I was a kid but what kid wouldn't? Thinking there's a boogeyman in the closet of a monster under the bed. I remembered a nightmare when I was a kid that a purple octopus was chasing me along the sandy beach. I know it's not scary now but back then, I was terrified in that dream! And... now I know octopus don't live above water, heh.. My dad used to tell me that we can control our dreams and we can fight the monsters in our sleep. Of course, I'm no dream master like in Inception but I sometimes, I control the outcome of my dreams like getting away from the bad guy or where I go. I can't control what I dream but I manage to go with the flow and steer towards my side. Science say we have 4-6 dreams a night but we dont remember them. Sometimes, I manage to remember about three. The best one was riding a flying horse. I dreamt a few times flying. Somehow, I love the thought of flight without being in some giant metal cylinder. But my flight dreams are not like Peter Pan, their slower... like swimming in open air. I dreamt once that I "swam" from the ground to the floor of my condominium. I suppose I never flew in real life so my brain only registers swimming to be the closest link to flying. I first thought that the girl would sit on the dragon and lift both her hands but if I ever got the chance, I wouldn't wanna sit... I wanna fly with the dragon. The dragon represents the Midnight Train. Where in your sleep, your dream-conscience will board the train and take you up in the sky and into the world your brain creates. Logic, I find, always seem to intervene with me creating new things so I wont, what the heck, right? Lets make a short faced dragon that has headlights for eyes and have a unicorn and some puffy paws nad white hair with purple skin! She touches the sky and all her innocent child imagination will open all pour into her slumberland. Dreams can be anything you want it to be..........


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Vernonette Gaddy 11 Dec 2014

Very lovely, very fanciful, very surreal, very thought-provoking, very visionary art composition. :)

Artist Reply: Thank you so much Vernonette. Apologies for the late reply. I tried to but an error occurred. I'm glad you think it's thought-provoking. I was hoping it would convey the message :D

Tim Linville 11 Dec 2014

It Is a Good Thing to See Another Dreamer.Many People I Know,Cannot Dream.I Think It Is That They Cannot Remember,as You Say.And It's OK,That They Make Fun of Me,For Dreams,and Speaking Of Them.I Dream Much Like You.Nothing Is Impossible.In Dreams,Lives Ascension.The Journey to Creation.I Think It Depends On How Far That Journey Takes You,as to How Crazy They Become.I Never Try to Over Analyze Dreams.They Are a Wonder...Our Only TRUE Freedom.I See Things Before They Happen.I See Buildings Before I Build Them.The True Reason I Live...Was Stated In a Dream.It Is a Rare and Powerful Thing To Understand Dreams,as They Speak to You.There Is a Sum Total of Consciousness In All of Us.I Like to Humor the Imagination Side,and Believe That These Are Messages From Creation.That If We Read Dreams Correctly,We Move the World Forward,in Their Truth.Or...Could Dreams Actually Unfold Reality,In a New Day?Your Facts Are Very Interesting,Elise.And Enlightening.Your Awareness of Life Is Admirable. :)

Artist Reply: Sorry for the late reply, Tim :P had an error when I tried to the other time. Glad to meet a fellow dreamer. I can't really humour my imaginitive side. I wish I could dream of creature designs but my dreams often depict reality :( It's amazing you can, though! Thank you for commenting ^.^ I can only say that your awareness in life is admirable as well!