Sherena Velella

Lately, my (art) identity of “Sheren” has been enriched with the connotation of “Velella”, after the one of “Sirena bulgara” acquired in Sofia in 2013. This happened mainly as a consequence of having met/known a myriad of “by the wind sailors” (aka velelle velelle) stranded on the shores in the very center of Mediterraneo, last April. That sight urged me to focus on the idea of intimate sails/travels. So I could complete my installation “Sherena Velella” (textile bust seated on the plastic wave given by the Sea) that is now part of the collection of the Civic Museum in the island of Ponza. Besides the installation, Artist Trading Cards, a performance (on September 14th, 2014) and an artist book were produced. Among the many who helped me – with their suggestions and hints – to shape Sherena Velella, the boatman Francesco Bruno and the lace-teacher Loredana Deltin. Story to be continued.

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