Chemistry experiment

This piece of art is decorating our Public Library downtown. I'm not certain what it is titled, but, I called it Chemistry Experiment as it looked to me like a giant test tube with the water in the bottom, and the 'steam' arising out of the top (sort of). Anyway, what are your thoughts? :o)


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Nira Dabush 28 Mar 2020

Hello Les.. Such a great shot.. What is going on your way.. How are you in these daus of the Corona virus?

John Cappello 28 Nov 2015

Very nice photo A treat for the eyes!

Nira Dabush 05 Nov 2014

Well... title fit well to the subject, Les. But I see more then the bottle of Chemistry. I could see it also as an harp. It reminds me similar sculpture different subjects here, especially the water, I meant. Superb shot dear friend. So excellently taken. Shalom.

Artist Reply: Yes, a harp! Also, maybe a urn or a vase for a genie? lol It is fun taking the less then usual photo, I try to find things interesting for the creative minds to enjoy. Thank you so much Nira, Hibuk Rabim. Shalom.


Wow,Very creative imaginative artistic capture, does look like it belongs in a chemistry lab!!!Hugs...Dee&David :):)

Artist Reply: Thanks Dee for your kind and encouraging words (as always) much appreciated! Take care, hugs back at ya!! :o)