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Tanya Ray 18 Dec 2006

So much to be said with this. I really like it! Well done!

michelle olson 18 Dec 2006

don't we all need to make choices everyday--I love this!!!

Cynthia Bonnet 17 Dec 2004

I am so awestruck by, not only your artistic abilities, but also the deep sense of human endeavor and truly inspirational presentation of images that have been attained by personal mythtical and mystical understanding!

David Holcombe 03 Dec 2004

While this is technically very proficient. It lacks the emotional intensity of your war related works. It has the detatched quality of Magritte.

sher richardson 26 Nov 2004

dramatic symbolism... you have so much wisdom that you wish to share in the realm of mystique and deeper visions... wonderful work!