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Like a Stone that you Can't really Turn

Next month i'll count 10 for starting in AW.
How time flies.........
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Title translated from an idiom in Hebrew.
Years go by... and you sometimes took the TIME... or the time to think it over... of what happened here or there in certain time of your life. You can think it over long or briefly.
I may say that starting this summer I had a thought or two... of what was here several years ago... I thought of it briefly, and missed certain situations, certain people or their posts.
So many things changed here or in internet... and I choose to remember only the "BEST" moments of it.
So this was taken at a city.. Where ?..
July 2014.
When I had a brief moment to take the photo while hurrying to a diffident place. I found it surprising to find it precisely there... But I knew why ... to remind me of those in miss here.
Things are never the same as was, and especially here... and will never be the same.

For those who thought before ( the city ) and also while on the city.
Thanks for viewing.
My prayers today is for peace here and everywhere.
SHALOM & AA'HAVA. Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush.

Somehow I did not got lately mail from AW, Flickr and more...

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Anonymous Guest

Marika Rozalia Seprenyi 12 Jul 2014

like it, nice shot!

lillianhibiscus 09 Jul 2014


John Cappello 09 Jul 2014

These are Really Nice colorful pictures, It Really tells A whole Story and Your characters makes me smile!

Les Jobes 09 Jul 2014

Interesting reflections off the seashell.. they have always fascinated me. Their beautiful, natural colours, gorgeous, intricate and each unique in design, size, and shape. They even have something to tell you when you listen - of course not all shells! :o) Hibukim Rabim


Wow,STUNNING artistic capture,my the macro version especially!!!Thank you for sharing your heart...Congratulations on 10yrs at AW!!!How time flies in this amazing Journey in Life!!!I Thank God that I met you here and got to know you through the years and have witnessed sooooooo many of your Great Artistic Talents,my Friend!!!With Love&prayers for You and Your Beautiful Family and Homeland!!!Shalom!!!Dee&David (((Hugs))))

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot dear Dee... I hope that things are well your way. hugs.