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I havent played Jak 2 for a year now. It just bugged me so much that they changed it to T rated right in the middle of the series! Just think of all the kids who loved the first one, So dissapointing. Now that I look back at Jak and Daxter, there wasn't much that they changed. Maybe they added some T things like swaring and junk. I dont like swearing, its disrespectfull and lazy. they could have came up with diffrent words and been a little bit creative... sorry, I ramble a lot. anyway, I like dark Jak so heres a picture of him. I was going to add blood, but i kind of forgot. -_-;


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Jhatonna Turner 03 Apr 2005

(Screams) YAayy!! You like the Jak and Daxter series to!!!^_____^ i love this picture som uch! You should see Cori Martin's work. She's my friend sh drew a picture of Daxter and Jak from Jak2. She did draw a picture of Dark Jak but I haven't put it up for her yet. You need to see her character Neosho. He kicks butt. She too is in the anime section^_^

Gemma Bright 29 Oct 2004

Yeah there's no need for swearing. I mean make up some imaginative curse words, I do it all the time! X3 Excellent pencil work, by the way..