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Le Morte D'Arthur

ACEO mini prints now available, visit artist home site; please inquire for original at this time.

MEDIUM/GROUND: 16"x20" Oil on stretched canvas

DESCRIPTION: This painting combines the legend of King Arthur and Native American elements to speak of a balance between male female earth energies. In addition, each of the five Sacred Elements are represented through objects in the scene; the drum and bear skull stand for the Element of Earth and the mysteries within, the chimea and candle show the Element of Fire, the hawk feather symbolizes the Element of Air as well as the clarity of Sacred Vision, and the Pacific Ocean agate stones are representative of the Element of Water. The fifth Element, Akasha, is shown here as firey orbs of force. The early 1900's book holds the same title as the painting and is a symbol for knowledge. A small clay Goddess statue guards the scene. This painting is a lesson in balance and the magic of the mysteries.

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Anonymous Guest

joel zelikovitz 02 Oct 2011


Artist Reply: Thank you very much Joel! :)

James Davis 29 Aug 2009

Awesome.. Really well done.!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much for your sweet words, James!

Olga van Dijk 10 May 2009

wow. i put you on my artwatch somce your work is awesome Tree!!

Artist Reply: Thank you so much! I'm very glad you enjoyed your visit! :)

Armando Salas 10 May 2009

My Pic of the Day, no doubt!

Artist Reply: Wow, that was very cool of you to choose the piece! I'm honored and pleased you enjoyed it so!

Reynaldo Villarreal 28 Apr 2009

very imaginative, inventive, colors and composition, well executed. very good piece teresa

Artist Reply: Hello again Reynaldo. Thanks for your kind remarks about this painting. I really enjoyed working on it and am pleased to share it with others. :)