okay., for the third freakign time!!!! ... The second on my little abstract painting kick. Be nice. Its a bit more cheerful than the other at least. Very... confusing. lol Finished it today after its been sitting on my desk for the past few months (in which I do apoligise for not posting. I hope not everyone has abandoned me! >.<) but I did it instead of my soon-to-be-due university assignments so, umm it could come back to bite me in the ass later! >.< Anyway, hope you like, be nice as I'm still "iffy" about my abstract experiments and I promise no 3 motnh wait till the next piece eh? hopefully that one will be more anime based... cause I miss drawing in that style! *sigh* To much work, too little time...

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radfax radfax 16 Feb 2007

i think you could elaborate on the shapes a bit more, even add new shapes. You can do this and still create the same feel of it going inwards

kaupo kaur 22 Nov 2004

Please, don't discontinue with abstract stuff. Can't help, just like abstract works more & this one is very interesting & gets even more intriguing if to think about how you named it. & thank you for your comments on my ornaments :)

joan warburton 29 Oct 2004

Wonderful abstract.

Charles Oliver 25 Oct 2004

Very interesting flowing form and color

Brianne Macdonald 25 Oct 2004

I love you, Kate!!!!!!