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Miru's Battle

I love angelic layer! That show is so cool! I wish that that game was real, or there was a PS2 game on it. O_o Anyway, if the game was real, this is what my battle doll would look like. This is Miru she is 9.4in tall, medium weight modle and is a block type. Her name means "to talk" in Japanese. The big white thing she is standing on is what they call a layer. Its kind of like a magical glowing battle arena table thing. '_'


Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest (IP: 13 Sep 2006

i like it

kristie taylor 11 Nov 2004

way cool!!! love it!!!

Hilton Harris 25 Oct 2004

Cool piece.

Dennis Finley 24 Oct 2004

a real beauty

Tabitha Borges 24 Oct 2004

Very simple but very nice work...