Spring has sprung!

Just taken 10 feet from my back door - no special effects and no added anything - just how it came out of the camera. Canon 50D and 60mm Canon macro lens - hand held. That's one of those tiny daffodils with two heads from one stalk. Makes me feel good to be alive after the dark days of Winter. Hope it does for you too.

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Wow,love the composition and shallow DOF!!!Great camera work,my Friend!!!Soooooooo GORGEOUS!!!Dee&David :):)

Charlotte Nightlinger 14 Mar 2014

it do, it do!!! you are finally out of the doldrums and so am I. I was getting worried about our health. I spent Feb in bed and probably most of March but I feel better today. I couldn't get to the new computer, this affects my brain and I fall asleep in the middle of a conversation and wake up to a new tv show. I am working on my second anti viral bottle and so I know I will be fine in April. now be happy. love ya.....meee in the desert

Heloisa Castro 14 Mar 2014

just beautiful

Elizabeth Lindberg 13 Mar 2014

Wow!!! Gorgeous!!!!!!

Pamela Rivera 12 Mar 2014