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Corpus Delicti / Disquisition II

"In morals, theosophy builds its teachings on the unity, seeing in each form the expression of a common life, and therefore the fact that what injures one injures all. To do evil i.e., to throw poison into the life-blood of humanity, is a crime against the unity." Quote by Annie Besant A new personal work starting out as an exercise but become so fascinating to work on. this is a homage to artists Max Sauco and Nekro, but also Olivia and Brom. It wasn´t quite clear which direction to go because in the first initial composings the headgear and wings were bronze-colored so I wanted to add afollow-up work on my piece disquisition , like that one: disquisition-114380794 However, in the middle of working this out, I found a solution on how to adjust levels of different ornamental elements in a way that they look like one thing, exactly like Nekro does it, the look wasn´t anymore that bright I have intended it to be like in the disquisition piece so I had to come up with either a new idea for a series or add it to the Corpus Deliciti: Delicti-314443178 Actually I ended up using several elements plus some new one and then found that one meaning of the word "disquisition" already meant " investigation", so it came naturally that this piece has to be the solution of both, a story of a crime and investigation. Hence the quote on top of the description. But I leave it up to you to make up a story about which is which, have fun;) Stats: It took around 35 hours to complete, Photoshop CS6, Wacom Intuos 4 & Wacom Cintiq 13HD. Digital painting, Matte Painting, composting, Fractal rendering, 3d rendering. W.I.P. capture: Credits: Model reference courtesy of Cat by Background done in Apophysis and Pixelmator Brushes and stock of my own archive.

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