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Anonymous Guest 24 Nov 2013

As an occasional percaher, I can still identify with your comments about being drained after preaching. I think you are wise in managing your preaching schedule, leaving January for others and having others who can do the occasional slot. I think the important thing in doing this is ensuring that those who are given the privilege to preach to your congregation are well vetted and have the ability both in terms of theological understanding and ability to deliver a sermon. It is good to see there are a number of churches out there developing preaching by doing classes, and there are some good resources to aid this move.I am taking some space at present to re-build after getting to a point close to burn-out. I have recently exegeted Tom Clancy's latest book and think he is losing his mojo. I think it reflects that we can also without even realising it begin to lose our saltiness, sticking to a formula, and possibly over-doing our word count! I hope the next few weeks help to re-ignite the flame, and give you even more passsion for you people.