Halloween Ghastly Grin

Ghost for the Horror Farm in OHio

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Tabitha Borges 23 Feb 2015

this is detail.. I like it..

Artist Reply: Hey thanks I also did a bear for gaming center.... I think I posted it here?

Aris Stathakis 11 Sep 2014

fantastic illustration Tazda and great use of colors!

Artist Reply: Again, Thank you very much. The hand was so much better looking till I layered way too much paint.

Miad Kasravi 10 Sep 2014

His eyes are on his hands. Brilliant!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much I have neglecting ArtWanted.com for a while now... I will try to post some new art soon.

Trish Ellis 06 Feb 2014

Oh wow! Love the skin tones! love the idea! May I ask what you used to colour it??

Artist Reply: Lots of acrylic paint, pencil, ink, art markers, and more paint. Did I say more layers of paint....Trust me you can really feel it.

Tim Linville 20 Jan 2014

Excellent Tatters and the Energy They Cause!I Love a Good Haunted House...

Artist Reply: Hey thanks I have more...Reading your message really hits home.I always I would be somewhere else with my craft. Yet, instead "I" set myself in one genre I never thought I would be....Which now I feel I want to change for the better.