Captain Jack Bringing Sexy Back

Experimentation with a rather different style than I normally work in: more graphic art in nature and limited palette. Paint Shop Pro.

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Tim Linville 18 Feb 2014

You Remind Me of a Tshirt Company(TeeFury) I've Seen Online.I Find Dr.Who Crossed With Star Trek...Walking Dead and Romero Mixes.It's Only Rule,Is a Clash of Themes.This is so Much,in That Spirit,and Energy.I think You Should Explore This Style Further.I can See Your Path Ahead in This Idea Work!You are Primed With the Technology Used in the Industry,and You Show It Well :)

Artist Reply: I'm actually looking into it. There are tons of fan tee sites out there and I've submitted a few things here and there. The competition is really fierce, though, and I'm hardly the most skilled artist in the pack, so, I'm not having much luck so far. I keep trying and that's all I can do. :-) The big challenge is that I'm more painter than graphics designer, so it's difficult for me to figure out how to work in a limited palette of 4-6 colors sometimes.