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Not really Black Ink Drawing

9 years at AW.
Aw used to be my main virtual gallery in internet, even-though I've had my own web-site.
Most years full - time activity.
Creativity in many fields.
Times of MANY friendships.
Times of closer friendships
Times of tributes to the other.
Times of learning.
Times of corporations.
Time of developments
Times of appreciations.
Times of deeper understanding
Times of Light
Times of hopes.
Times of prayers for PEACE, And especially when needed more.
Times of LOVE for people, with faith.

I'm passionate for colours, those who really know me, know this fact.
I chose to close the cycle of 9 years with B & W photo.

At a place where trust was once lost, will it be found again... Can trust be born again, in a NEW SHAPE ?

Thanks for viewing and commenting.
May you be able to sEE the light of those whom you truly trust, always. For the light of truth.
Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush.

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Anonymous Guest

Marika Seprenyi (Antal) 22 Aug 2013

i love so much the old stile black and white shots, well done Nira!

John Cappello 22 Aug 2013

REALLY FANTASTIC IMAGE All Enchanting; Your works are just Brilliant with Great Style!

Elizabeth Lindberg 21 Aug 2013

Very beautiful photo. If we can trust no one we miss out on all the joy. I hope you find and hold onto all the love and friendships that make you happy always. xo Beth

Anneke Hut 21 Aug 2013

I guess things have changed for all of us here. But there will always be hope en you will always be the most colourful woman I know, dear Nira. And also your B&W is awesome!

marie-claire gallet 21 Aug 2013

Sad news, very sad news, Nira, but as Hope is what is pushing us forwards, I do hope you will come back one day to AW or in private!!! We will miss your gorgeous colored creations and even if you want to put an end here with a black and white picture, I am sure color will come back and will brighten your and our days!!! Enjoy your life Nira, enjoy it really!!!!