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The Price of Modernization

Human aim to develop technologies, and as a result LIFE change us all.
One of the inventions of this era, is the internet.
Indeed internet is a great progression of life.
Internet designed and developed to bring many people together from so many places, on this planet.
You can respect the other in the internet and receive respect back.
You can respect the other in internet and receive disrespect back.
I would prefer giving and receiving respect on a normal and natural level.
Some people unfortunately has the tendency to manipulate the other, since they have some "INTERESTS". Not all understand this phenomena.
This fact take the normality, and logical purpose of internet from it's primal purpose...
The achievements of internet can take us forwards...
But also back.
Due to my internet experience, I found myself asking a friend of mine a rhetoric question :
Shall I go back 15-20 years ago ?
A very close person to me, said to me, 2 years ago..
"You should have lived 30 years ago." Solutions of safety of privacy, due internet use, should be found immiditely.
Manipulative people, who try to control the other freedom of life, should be removed or sent away FAR.
I vote for safety, in internet of myself, mine and also of your safety..
Will you vote the same as me... ?
It's time to find REAL Solutions.
Be safe.. I hope you wish me the same.
Thanks for visiting.
May modernization bring truth our way, and mutual understanding of the right safety to all.
Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush.

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Anonymous Guest

Tabitha Borges 25 Aug 2013

powerful words and powerful yet lovely piece of art

Marika Seprenyi (Antal) 12 Aug 2013

fantastic, and very artistic outcome!

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 08 Aug 2013

beautiful design and wise words dearest Nirasje! wishing you a splendid day and HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Next week I will go to London, too late for your birthdaycard... like I usually did...

Ruth Kauffman 05 Aug 2013

Very wise words indeed, Nira! I always think of you and hope you are alright, being the situation as it is in Israel. Your design is beautiful. I pray for your safety. Hugs...

Andrei Mezei 05 Aug 2013

beautiful work Nira,and i agree with you in every way!