Window is a spectacular vision unveiled by a huge reflective metallic curtain, which occupies half of the picture plan. Paradoxical in its unusual appearance, this metallic silk curtain opens up the picture’s stage like a dream. The vision is the other half of the picture, but one could say that the whole picture is the window in which a Venetian vista is revealed. Here is the usual romantic bridge, the gondola. But what really catches the eye like a magnet is the enigmatic body of the lady in crimson in the foreground – a rubicund vision amplified and reverberated in the reflective squares of the folded curtain. Carmine highlights pierce the metal, intensifying the magic view of this passionate body. Indeed, her sanguine dress evokes the whole pathos which makes her gaze languish, her lips move with sensual desire. She holds at bay the Venetian passion, she is a figure of love, death, and fluid desire. The window symbolizes the receptivity of the world is perceived. Here is a sight where the passage of time in tidal revealed. This time course is even more apparent with the reflections from the water and metal foil surface. The magnificent view of a girl in the room of a window is a representation of a dialogue with the spectators who witnessed this ongoing transformation of the material world. It celebrates the irreversible time in a single, magnificent moment in which neither past nor future exists.

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