Hope 3

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John Cappello 08 Mar 2012

Ultra beautiful, inspired piece no doubt. and quite remarkable

ghada zoughby 11 Feb 2005

I like "mission" art, and your's is full of it!

Stu Smith 11 Feb 2005

Just read "The DaVinci Code" and I get it, I get it! Well, I get some of it. Not that this has got anything to do with it except to say that I like them both!

Lindzi Sayles 17 Dec 2004

very surreal, i like it

J.Ira Monroe 17 Dec 2004

The depth of the philosophy in this piece, I'm afraid, most of us could not reach. The artist continues to show us pictures which no number of words could reproduce. The quality, of course, as with all his work...is perfect!