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Please read - IMPORTANT!!
I started to build my own web- site in 2002/3.
I've been active in several art/photography sites since 2004.
I had some excited and wonderful memorable moments. I made a lot of friendship during the years, some with decent people, whom, I found trustful.
With my experience and knowledge , I feel a duty to warn you, from situations, that I see as abuse.
To my understanding, there is a group of people, a team, crew that act, as if in favor of an artist, or as if really know this person, or as his/her friend.
YET... Ask other people . the artist's friend, who active at the same time to do certain things. In fact they are responsible to abuse the first artist.
They can ask you to leave a site, especially if you are close or a friend of the first artist. (they might pay for it ).
They might ask you to post photos images in certain subjects, perhaps to imitate someone else.
They might ask you to comment, or NOT TO COMMENT, to someone you see as your friend. Especially, if you are close to this artist.
They may promise prices, money, or may talk in the name of surprise, peace or a secret... The WORSE part, they might invade your personal life, in illegal ways.
That means listening to your telephones, reading your personal mails, watch your own own PC.
Or even watch you and yours at your home through your computer.
This is a very severe crime, which, those create it, should sit in jail.
It is sickness and PEEPING.
The purpose probably to annoy someone, isolation and abuse.
If someone ask you to sign something to post something, to give some kind of a title, please don't.
Don't let yourself a tool in the hands of an abuser... No matter who is this someone. Don't let someone control you.
Stay true to your heart. Let my massage be known to as many people as you can ( and not particularly from this site)
I chose myself to ignore abusers , or those co- operate with the abusers. Even if originally they were good.

Abuse has a price!

Do you wish people will peep into your mails, telephones, home, family life ???
Will you peep into a friend's privacy ?...
If you understood an artist friend do so, will you continue to give this person comment ?...

And just by the way... when you abuse a person, you abuse his/ her family as well.

My hopes for a better world, better people... Safety at all levels, and freedom of the individual. I chose to continue my creation at it's best and it's beauty, and IGNORE THE EVIL. Thanks for reading. LOVE & PEACE FROM ISRAEL, Nira.

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Anonymous Guest

Joke Schotting 11 May 2013

Very beautiful Nira

Gina Cowins 25 Mar 2013

Hello Nira I read your note all I can say it happens and we learn to stay strong and keep moving forward. My true respond is find ways to better our lives and forget about the negative.

Elizabeth Lindberg 21 Mar 2013

Thank you for taking the time to warn people Nira, you are a couragous soul, and you are right. We have to be very careful , there are self serving , vicious and cruel ones to look out for. You are brave to warn others and to try to protect your friends. Bravo!!!

LouAnn Knight 20 Mar 2013

I just can't understand why theres always someone who wants to spoil something good. So far i have not encountered it! Thanks for the alert! Best to you dear Nira

Craig Cantrell 20 Mar 2013

great shot